About Shamco Print
Colourful and Comfortable… Strong and Slim

That’s SHAMCO  steel furniture in an exciting variety of modern and latest designs. Elegant and economical, a SHAMCO piece of equipment is a long term investment for every hospital.

SHAMCO furniture and equipment is not just another buy but carries a superlative value for money. SHAMCO designs light weight and durable steel furniture for educational institutions, healthcare institutions, office and home.

Careful attention is paid in making and finishing of SHAMCO for its protection and beauty. Strict quality control is an outstanding feature of all SHAMCO products. SHAMCO’s trained and experienced personnel carefully supervise all items during the manufacturing process and double check before it leaves the SHAMCO factory in Nairobi’s Industrial Area.

All that with 32 years under our belt, we are confident in meeting all our customers requirements to their satisfaction. OUR firm also specialises in a wide range of springs that have varied use. We make any fabrication of wood and steel as per requirement. You mention it – we’ll make it. Just visit our factory and you’ll see yourself.

Most of our products are available in knock-down condition to suit our customers transport and easy assembly requirements. We also undertake maintenance of our products in the case of inland customers.

While we strive constantly for our product improvement, constructive suggestions from our clients are always welcome and we look forward to a healthy interaction with them. After all, Customer Satisfaction is the MOTTO of our corporate philosophy and we often go to great lengths to achieve it.
Technical alternations reserved in view of our continuous improvement.